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  • Standardized
  • Safety
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Operative Significance
  • HIV Prevention
  • Reduce the Risk of Penile Cancer and HPV
  • Reduce Urinary Tract Infection
  • Reduce Balanitis and Prepuceitis
  • Improve Sexual Function
  • Improve Fertility
  • Reduce the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Operation Principle
    Perfect application of Mechanics, Anastomosis, Circular Cutting and Automatic Suturing in Circumcision
    Performance Advantage

    The 1st Generation CircCurer

    Standardized procedure, safe and easy

    Short operation time (3-5 mins after anesthesia)

    Automatic suturing, light pain

    Less edema, less bleeding and less complications

    Fast healing, staples drop automatically

    Cosmetically pleasing result

    The 2nd Generation CircCurer Advanced Design

    The triggering force is more uniform, stable and no deviation

    The adjusting knob can rotate freely, trigger more easily

    One hand trigger, accurate anastomosis

    Academic Advantage
    Surgical Methods Comparison
    Clamp & Ligation
    Operation Time
    45-60 mins
    Around 10 mins
    3-5 mins
    Intraoperative Bleeding
    Excessive Bleeding
    Little Bleeding
    Little Bleeding
    Postoperative Pain
    About 3-5 days
    About 5-7 days
    Slight Pain
    Roughness incision, more bleeding and hematoma
    Flat incision, but slow healing and susceptible to infection. The device is easy to slide off and adhere to foreskin
    Smooth incision, aesthetic appearance and few complications
    Seven models available from newborn to adult
    Surgical Procedure
  • 1
    How to deal with postoperative bleeding?
    A small amount of bleeding is normal and does not need treatment; if the bleeding continues, patient should return to hospital for treatment immediately.
  • 2
    How to deal with postoperative edema?
    Postoperative edema is a normal phenomenon. If there is no progressive aggravation of edema and hematoma, there is no need to deal with it, and it will be naturally absorbed and cured in a few days. Don't let the glans rub the pants to prevent edema.
  • 3
    How to deal with the wound fluids on the surface of glans?
    The wound fluid was mostly seen in patients with phimosis or prepuce adhesions. There was exudation of yellow and white color secretion on the glans after surgery, which was a normal phenomenon, so it was not necessary to worry. Use cotton swab dipped in erythromycin ointment to wipe off the secretion, do not forcibly peel off the scab, keep dry and clean until it falls off naturally.
  • 4
    How many days can have a bath after surgery?
    Do not bathe within 3 days after surgery. Wrap the penis with fresh-keeping film or condom when taking a bath after removing the bandage. Try not to wet or contaminate the wound. If the wound is wet, dry it with cotton swab or hair dryer and disinfect it with Betadine.
  • Indications and Contraindications



    Prepuce Redundant


    Penile Dysplasia

    Acute Balanoposthitis, Urethritis, Balanitis

    Coagulation Dysfunction

    Secondary Phimosis or the Foreskin Cannot be Separated from the Glans.

    Suspicious Malignant Tumor of Prepuce

  • This product must be used by surgeons.
  • Single use and it must be treated as Medical Waste after Use.
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